Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So I Got to the Gym Today...

...and realized that I forgot to pack a shirt. So I put my work top on and walked home. It's only 5.61 miles, but I have to say, it kicks my ass! My legs are TIRED at the end and my saddlebags throb (YEAH TO THAT!). But I digress. I was walking down Michigan Avenue en route to the lakefront path and found that the Michigan Avenue Pottery Barn is closing on June 20. They're having a 50 percent off sale, but the pickins are slim. Any Chicago girls looking for this season's candy buffet containers du jour should run on over because they had a couple left. I would have snagged them myself, but, unfortunately for us, having a candy bar would mean cutting 10 people from the list for both the cost and the space!

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Riley said...

I really really wanted a candy bar, because I honestly LOVE candy (total weakness). But 1)the expense of the candy 2)the expense of finding something to put it in 3) the expense of buying little bags for our guests to put the candy in..... well, you get the picture.

Now, to be honest, I'm kind of glad we're not having one as it seems like that is one of the trends du jour, and I really don't want our wedding to be JUST LIKE everyone else's.

But too bad I'm not in Chicago.... I love me some Pottery Barn, and I know I could find use for those vases!