Monday, June 9, 2008

Paper Shaft

I am so bummed! The moment that I read in Tara's In This Instance post on the Domino District Sale that Paper Source was offering 20 percent off this past weekend, I began creating an exhaustive list of every single supply that I would need from the 'Source between now and wedding day. I hauled ass down there IN THE RAIN AND HEAT on Saturday only to be informed that the 20 percent discount was a misprint and they weren't honoring it. I received some notecards with my $30 (times 10!!!) purchase. Beggars can't be choosers, but man, that's not much of a consolation prize for what was expected to be a $50-$100 savings!

Thankfully, the shopping trip wasn't a total waste of time as I picked up two hostess gifts for my sister and this skirt for one of my bridal showers while I was down on Armitage.

Image: Francesca's

Andy called my new skirt "loud" and "retro," which, unfortunately, are two adjectives that I think that my friends would use to describe me and my style in my late twenties. I couldn't pass up the pink tulle or the sale price. Isn't it awesome?

P.S. Am I the only 30-something girl who thought that Sex and the City was a bit predictable? I feel like I need to surrender my breasts and martini glasses for thinking so, but I thought it was just OK. I just don't think that it did the show justice. I was more interested in the clothes and scenery than the plot.

P.S.S. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn't seen it, I can't believe that more people haven't made a bigger deal about Carrie's apartment. So cute.


A Windy City Wedding said...

I love that skirt! and how lame you had to go to PS and not get a discount, that is a total bummer. I agree that SATC could have been better, there were some good laughs but a little too cheesy for my taste. The clothes and set design were great to see though.

Parisian at Heart said...

Totally agree. And I fell in love with the Carrie's apt too...there are a few websites that detail where to buy similar items and paint color.

And thanks for opening my eyes to the fact that Francesca's has a website! Where have I been?

(bride.) said...


Yeah, come to think of it, I felt like SATC was a little predictable, too. The thing that I walked out of there with, though, was a pissed-off feeling about the writers' (and whomever else's) lack of understanding the idea of compromise when planning a wedding. I felt like in the end, the wedding thing was just as one-sided as it had been at the beginning - just reversed.

(bride.) said...

and I *love* the skirt... exactly because it's loud and retro!

Kate said...

Wasn't the SHOW kind of predictable tho? I mean, it was familiar - and for a girl who was missing her some SATC action, familiarity was what I needed. So I feel you.

I've ALWAYS been more interested in the fashion - hehe!

And cute skirt!

Veronica said...

I may be one of few that has no interest in seeing SATC in the theater. I love SATC but I could tell it would disappoint because there was SO much hype about it. I'm sure it was great but I can wait until its available on Demand ;o)

Tara said...

sorry! that is a total bummer. dang paper source.

Yeah, I enjoyed SATC but it was just like a fast moving season... and yes predictable but I think that I kind of expected it to be as such.

natalie said...

I have been beating myself up for not going... you made me feel a little better, although I am very sorry that we were all tricked!

I love your skirt, and Francesca's :)

I also loved Carrie's apartment! Those blue walls were killer.

tina said...

Natalie and Chitown Bride, did you know that they opened a Francesca's down in Orland? It's in the shopping plaza with P.F. Chang's on LaGrange. I think that it's right next to Black Market/White House. My sister almost p'd her pants.

Riley said...

I kind of liked SATC - but I loved the show. Didn't think the movie was as funny as the shows were during their heyday, though. I mean, there were some funny parts, but many of them were kind of the same old stunts/situations from the show.

You know, Traditional Home June/July issue has an article on the set design and has lots of pics of the different apartments and how they were designed with the characters in mind (like Miranda's color scheme complimented her hair). I loved the set design - especially the rugs and carpeting since that is what I deal in! I won't be a dork - okay, yes I will... I was glad to see the familiar blue trellis carpet Carrie had in her apartment. Small detail probably only I noticed. And that wonderful Rug Co. flowered rug in her bedroom after the re-design.

natalie said...

Woah. They needed something good there! All that Talbotts and Chicos- I was avoiding that little strip. Thanks for the news!