Friday, February 13, 2009

tw + ac: Details - I Love Paper

I do. I do. I do.

You've already seen the literature for the Out of Town bags.

You've also seen the Guest Book.

And the Programs.

You haven't see the Coat Check Tags. (Well, you haven't seen them in action.) I know that these are a  hot project now. Note to other DIYers, I made 170 and used 19. I think that I overestimated a bit. Save yourself some work.

Or the food cards for the server trays. (I regrettably do not have a photo of these in use at the wedding.)

Or the miscellaneous signage, including:

The Reserved Table Signs

The Laura Hooper-Inspired Cake Sign
(My friend Kev got a kick out of this one.)


I have a confession about the drink stirrers. I was down for the count with a sinus infection the day that I made these. I actually brought the Xyron into the bed and made them from there. I didn't encounter any reports of sinusitis wiping out Illinois in the weeks after the wedding, so I think that time + air + booze killed the germs. I had a patterned paper to make the last set, but it was difficult to line up the pattern for cutting and I was losing my interest.

Or the Coasters:

All professional images by Sarah Alair.


A.I.S. said...

i love paper too. sigh. the cake sign is actually my favorite. so cute.

Ashley said...

honestly, i don't know if i've seen another bride who did such a fabulous job with their details.. i fall in love with all these details again seeing them today. :-)

nolita fairytale said...

in the words of rachel zoe, i die. these are amazing. i would flip out if i went to a wedding with that much attention to detail.

how did you print those round circle cards? on a normal printer? i LOVE them but i have no idea how to lay it out and print them...

Colleen said...

OoooooooooooommmmmmmmmmGGggggggg! Tina, your wedding paper could not be any more amazing! I heart your wedding paper! I heart your wedding!

Chrissy said...

I really love the cake sign :-)