Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WTRITO is International!

The state of the 'ole Tina Union is a mess y'all. Going from Wedding Utopia to Work Hell for the past four months has left me tired, fat (not kidding), disorganized, and creatively constipated (ewww). But thanks to the Internet, I'm not in it alone! I now have help.

I'm so excited to announce a new contributor, Severine from Switzerland! Her first post will display tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see how her wedding pans out. I am sure that it will be great with her sense of style (Hint: She's wearing Christian Lou's). If you happen to speak German, check out her blog. You might see a few familiar faces. (Hooray for the Internet!)


jessica lynn said...

yay! what a great feature for your blog! i loooove severine's blog...she always posts the prettiest pictures! :) and obviously, i cannot wait to address her wedding invitation wrap around labels!!! i'll be waiting for her post {and your next one too! hopefully you can clear off your plate soon and get back to blogging!!}!

peata said...

sweet pictures.