Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Name Game

I saw this on Celestina Carmen's Blog and Andy and I had a giggle. But that could be because we're procrastinating on cleaning the house so anything that is not a dust rag is funny.

Your Real Name:
  • Tina: Tina
  • Andy: Richard
Witness Protection Name:
Your Mother's Middle Name + Your Father's Middle Name
  • Tina: Ann Charles
  • Andy: Dominick Louise
Secret Spy Name:
Your First Name Spelled Backwards
  • Tina: Anit
  • Andy: Drahcir
 Nascar Name:
Your Maternal Grandfather's Name + Your Paternal Grandfather's Name
  • Tina: Jerome James
  • Andy: Edwin Andrew
Detective Name:
Your Favorite Color + Your Favorite Animal
  • Tina: Green Giraffe
  • Andrew: Green ???
Soap Opera Name:
Your Middle Name + The County In Which You Were Born
  • Tina: Louise Cook
  • Andrew: Andrew Putnam
Super Hero Name:
"THE" + Your Second Favorite Color + Your Favorite Drink
  • Tina: The Yellow Wine
  • Andy: The Blue Martini
Fly Name:
The First Two Letters of Your First Name + The Last Two Letters of Your Last Name
  • Tina: Tiht
  • Andy: Rick or Anck
Street Name:
Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor + Your Favorite Cookie
  • Tina: Chocolate Crescent
  • Andy: Chubby Hubby Sugar
Rock Star Name:
The Name of Your Current Pet + The Name of the Street On Which You Live
We don't have pets, unless you count all of the dead lady bugs:
  • Dead Lady Bug Bittersweet
Porn Name:
The Name of Your First Pet + The Name of the Street On Which You Grew Up
  • Tina: Blue Eyes Hayford
  • Andy: Eli Harrison
Your Gansta Name:
The First Three Letters of Your Real Name + "-izzle"
  • Tina: Tinizzle
  • Andy: Andizzle
Your Goth Name:
"Black" + The Name of One of Your Pets
  • Tina: Black Blue Eyes
  • Andy: Black Eli
What are your secret names?

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