Wednesday, February 4, 2009

tw + ac: Our Fabulous Cake

The pictures speak for themselves. The Sugar Syndicate kicked a*s. Quite a few guests e-mailed us and left Facebook messages about our cake in the few days after the wedding. It was so delicious.

We cut our cake to the chorus of Lips Like Sugar by Echo & The Bunnymen.

A perk of the cocktail format is that everyone's too distracted to watch you during all of the big moments, so there is absolutely no pressure. As you can see in the photo below, maybe three of our guests are watching us cut the cake. I loved it! Too many eyes make me nervous. I would probably make awkward jokes if we had a traditional, all-eyes-on-the-bride-and-groom cake cutting.

Since this bite was the only wedding cake we had for the night, we ordered a mini cake from The Sugar Syndicate for our one month anniversary. Wasn't it cute?


Ashley said...

so gorgeous! love great cakes and even better when they are truly unique!

Laura said...

I loooove the cake!! We've actually decided to go with Sugar Syndicate as well (I think you'd left some great words about them on my blog, thank you!). Her attention to detail is just amazing, and looks like she did a fabulous job.

Any flavor reccomendations? We're doing our tasting in March, I can't wait!!


fab cake. i'll say it again...FAB!!

Ashley said...

i love that you cut the cake to Lips like Sugar- how perfect! Your cake looks amazing and tasty!