Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bling Redo

If I had seen this last year, my whole look would have been styled around this bracelet. I can just hear it clinking as I move through the room.

Image: J. Crew

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J. Crew, artikal, In Style Weddings

I'd swap out the shoes for a lovely light gold d'orsay or add a pearl and diamond clip to them. And I'd don a retro fur caplet that my mom and I would find in an antique store.

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Maria said...

When I saw that bracelet it put me into a tizzy b/c I had JUST gotten the fireball bracelet in cornsilk. Have you seen it in the stores? It's a beautiful bracelet but something about the pearls are a bit off (for me that is, I still love it though) sadly.

But the earrings - YES, YES YES! I am seriously considering to get those so that they match my fireball bracelet. (P.S. JCrew just came out with these amazing rosette clips and headbands in ivory and yellow and other pretty colors too which just make me seethe...not fair! I might get one to switch up with my other headband for the reception since they are too good to deny).