Monday, February 2, 2009

tw + ac: The Cocktail Party

When Andy and I left the Apartment to join the party, he exclaimed, "Look! This is exactly what we wanted! One big party." Our photographer took this photo at that moment.

Our cocktail format was so well-received. All of my worrying and sleepless nights were for naught. God, do I wish that I would had known that a year ago. It was all so wonderful. None of our guests had ever been to a cocktail-style wedding reception before and thought that we were the whip sh*t for conceiving it. I really regret not posting a menu or making menus for the tables. My mother literally tried four or five things. She didn't even know about over half of the items served.

The party was so, so fun! I have so many incredible memories. Here are a few fun ones:

My friend, Brenna, and I showed up in matching dresses. (To my credit, I had picked mine out months before. Ha. Ha.)

Tara and her husband came. Yeah! Tara was like a celebrity. A couple of my girlfriends had asked if "that girl who always comments on [my] blog" was there so that I could point her out.

My Purdue friends and their spouses ruled the roost that night. Our photographer easily got a dozen photos of them and their antics. Unfortunately, I never saw a photo of the lipstick mural that they made on the bathroom mirror in the shape of our monogram. Starting clockwise at the top left:

Singing the Purdue fight songs; Making a "T&A" sign;
highlighting our napkins, coasters, and drink stirrers; the spouses singing along to the fight song.


Tara said...

It was such a fantastic party - you truly did a great job planning it.

Having been both a guest and the bride at a cocktail reception - my opinion is that they really are just awesome.

And wow do I feel like a celebrity now gaining a spot in your recaps!!

Allison aka HaselBride said...

Love the Purdue friends comment... ours definitely ruled the dance floor singing and dancing to our favorite songs from Harry's! Our photographers got tons of pictures of them being crazy on the dance floor.

Your wedding looks gorgeous! I am loving the recaps.