Monday, February 16, 2009

tw + ac: Cocktail Napkins

Economy and Hurricanes be damned, I got my cocktail napkins. Yeah!

I also impulsed purchased some handtowels for the bathroom while I was chatting online with the PrintGlobe customer service rep finalizing the napkin order. (BTW, PrintGlobe is excellent. I highly recommend them, as did Robyn.)

When I recently made a joke to my sister-in-law's about her impending beach wedding trumping ours because it was on the beach and Andy's mom loves water, she said, "You had personalized towels in the bathroom. Deal with it." Damn. Don't hate, yo.


Speaking of bathrooms, remember my dilemma about having courtesy baskets in the bathrooms? Well, I had them. AND SOMEONE STOLE ALL OF THE STUFF! I remember noticing that there was one nail file and one mint lying in the dish at the end of the night and thinking "Oh, cool! They actually used everything!" But a few days later, I realized that had there been enough illness and "emergencies" to require:

  • 2 first aid kits,
  • 4 bottles of ibuprofen and aspirin,
  • 2 bottles of antacids (OK. This one, I could see.),
  • 2 sewing kits, and
  • 2 boxes of tampons,
I would have heard about it. What a sham. Maybe our guests had to use the tampons to plug up bloody noses and to seal wounds after they ran out of the first aid kits? (Seriously, I'd say that 10% of the female guests at our wedding were menopausal and another five were pregnant.)

On the plus side, the bathroom baskets allowed me the opportunity to use some shower gifts before they went to storage in Aunt Ruth's basement. I used some serving trays from Crate & Barrel as our "courtesy baskets." They were perfect, stylish, and saved us some cash. Crate & Barrel uses theirs for cantaloupe and mixed nuts, I use mine for tampons and dental floss. To each his own.

Images: Napkins: Sarah Alair; Dishes: Crate & Barrel


Julia said...

ugh, can't believe someone stole from your courtesy baskets! how rude... whats the point??

OrangeMew said...

How awesomely you wrote about what people needed to do to plug up their bloody noses... made me laugh as I pictured it.

I guess this is just proof that you put together some useful items in the basket. So useful that at least someone wanted to take some of them home. And, maybe it wasn't just one person- maybe one person took this, another that, so it was distributed, and let's pretend it wasn't until the end of the night too, so all the bathroom visitors at least noticed your thoughtfulness.

At least you know they are being used!

Allison aka HaselBride said...

I'm laughing outloud, too funny! How awful that someone ripped off your stuff, I bet it was really cute all arranged in those dishes! What a great idea.