Friday, February 6, 2009

tw + ac: Late Night Snacks

We served gyros, french fries, and milkshakes as late night snacks about an hour or so into dancing. I know that late-night snacks are so Martha 1998, but they were still new to our guests, who, by the way, thought that we were the whip for servin' up these treats. I ran into one of my preteen cousins who was out on the patio. She rubbed her stomach and said dramatically, "Uh! DO NOT let them bring any more of those gyros outside. [Our cousin] has eaten seven of them!" Even my picky dad ate them!

I am letting it go, but you have to admit that monogram stickers and colored fry cones would have made the photo below AWESOME!

When the milkshakes came out, our photographer told me to grab two and meet Andy on the dance floor. But Chaka Khan came on and I got distracted on the way to meet him.

I eventually made my way over to Andy...

But then I got distracted from the gyros and fries when one of my friends started a conga line to "Come on, Eileen."* (Have I mentioned that I have ADD?)

I have a comical amount of photos of myself holding food that evening. I guess that's the one problem with not having a designated food time.

* The photos above just made me realize that I was dancing with my dad and husband to a song that normally reminds me of dancing with gay men in college. (Kev, think "Juan" and "Kazoos.")  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...surely there is something Freudian about that. Ha. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea. I was already thinking about serving Chicago-style late night snacks (mini hot dogs, pizzas, etc) but gosh, not only are gyros CHicago the packaging of those snacks are so cute. Was it your caterer who arranged that? Who was it?


i was so late in finding your blog but i am loving all the recaps!!

Allison aka HaselBride said...

Tina, the same thing would happen to me! Someone would be talking to me or wanting me to go somewhere and fabulous song would come on and I'd be running to the dance floor.

Love the food shots! It all looks so delicious.

Globetrottingbride said...

I love the food shots! It sounds like you had some amazing food and music at your wedding! I would like one of those little milk shakes right now. Congratulations!!!

Caitlin said...

Late night snacks are not Martha Stewart circa 1990s - they are awesome!