Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tw + ac: Details - Buttons

Remember when I stayed up way too late two weeks before the wedding? Well, I was designing these:

People totally dug the mock campaign buttons. Andy's dad put one on as soon as we walked in the door and is wearing them in all of the family portraits. At one point, my friend's mom was wearing four buttons (2/ea) across her chest. When I asked her about them later in the evening, she told me that she removed them because she "didn't want to seem excessive."


Jess and Frankie said...

How did you make those? theyre so cool!

Fall Wedding Bride said...

They are awesome!!

Just wanted to tell you that you got an award on my blog!

LINDSAY said...

any recommendations as to where to purchase a button making machine? preferable on the cheap?

love your blog, tina!


nolita fairytale said...

i. love. them.

my politically-obsessed honey would flip out over these...