Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tw + ac:**: Toasting Coupes

In the early days of our engagement, I was a total Budget Freak and convinced that we couldn't afford ANYTHING. So I nixxed a cake knife set and toasting coupes.  As the days got nearer, I realized that we probably should have toasting coupes. (And I was a little worried about someone giving us a pair of  Precious Moments toasting flutes as a gift.) So I made some.

I asked the sweet Paloma's Nest to whip up some TW + AC charms for me, picked up some metallic string from the 'Source and beautiful coupes from Lenox Tuscany line, shattered one of the beautiful Lenox coupes by storing it with the charm, and swapped them out for these $3.95 glasses the week before the wedding. Done.

Their exaggerated shape actually worked well for the photos.

My lovely friend Balz, who sent the champagne on the wedding day, also sent us a lovely Vera Wang cake cutting set  as an engagement present. Score. I think that I am going to steal Natalie's idea and have our names and wedding date engraved on it, and then have our sibilings do the same if they'd like. My family's not a big heirloom family, so it will be a first for us.

**That's right, Colleen, Wedding Post #21! :)


Ashley said...

cute! we didn't do toasts :-( this makes me wish I'd whipped up some adorable glasses!

Laura said...

Ooh I love these! And definitely gives me some idea for our toast :) And I've been hankering for a reason (well, justification!) to order from Paloma's Nest!!

Anonymous said...

i really like this idea!! i hadn't thought about toasting, but this certainly is inspiring ideas!!