Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tw + ac - Getting Ready to Get Hitched

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I don't know how to describe the surreal feeling of our wedding day, so I won't begin to try.  From the moment that I woke up, I felt as cool as a cucumber, which is very uncharacteristic of me. I wonder if Andy had LP slip some valiums in my morning oatmeal?

Unfortunately, I had to run to Kinko's to type up the questionnaire for the officiant, so I didn't get to start off my day with a leisurely bath (not that I would have wanted a bath in our hotel. Eww.) or brunch with my friends. It worked out well, though, because that was the only time that I was alone all day and it turned out to be a nice morning of reflection for me. And I got to sneak in a little "hello" to my virtual bridesmaids.

After a quick shower, my bridesmaids and I popped over to A New Leaf to pick up the flower for my hair. While I was there, I got a sneak peek of the flowers for the day! (I am kicking myself for not taking a "before" shot of them stacked up in containers.) From there, we headed up to the Andersonville neighborhood for our hair appointments. LP and my sister ran some errands while I got my hair done and texted everyone and their brother.

Images: Provided by my sister and processed using Poladroid

I had to rush back to the hotel to meet the makeup artist from Beauty on Call, so I couldn't stay to watch my sister and LP get their hair done. I would pay good money to see a photo of myself dodging traffic with my big up-do while balancing two dozen cupcakes and a shoebox full of coat check tags and talking on the phone with my Day of Coordinator (DOC) as I tried to hail a cab. I almost got hit by a car twice.

Back at the hotel, the action really picked up. When I arrived, the makeup artist was waiting for me in the hotel lobby. We had a few moments of quiet before my mom and dad came to the room. Then, the DOC arrived with the sandwiches - total waste of money. I'm the only one who ate one.

Then, my friend VP arrived with more treats.

Then, the photographers arrived.

Then, my sister arrived to get her makeup done.

Then, a bellhop arrived with a gift of champagne from my friend, Balz, who couldn't attend the wedding. (I will admit that this was one of two moments during which I teared up that day.)

Then, the DOC came back to deliver the flowers.

Then, my Aunt Karen popped in to catch the action.

And last, but not least, LP came rushing in from her hair appointment.

It was utterly wonderful chaos!

LP and my sister gave me this fun "Mrs. C" t-shirt from the T-Shirt Deli - in orange and green, of course! The T-Shirt Deli wraps their items up like deli meat and serves them in a doggie bag with a bag of Jay's potato chips. I finally got my beloved Jay's potato chips for my wedding day!

I also got to show off my new necklace from Andy!

For the record, this is all that Andy did that morning:

Images: Provided by Andy's Mom and Processed using Poladroid

All professional images by Sarah Alair Photography.


Darci said...

I absolutely love your hair, the pics, and Molly's cupcakes. Ooooh Molly's cupcakes.

devon lorraine ... said...

the picture of you with the necklace is so, so cute!

Veronica said...

You looked GORGEOUS on the day of your wedding!!!

Lindsey said...

You are such a gorgeous bride!! Love your blog by the way.

Colleen @ The Everyday Bride said...

go-go-gorgeous! omg, you are too pretty. i'm mad now! ;)

more, i want to see more photos, please!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Your blog always make me miss Chicago