Thursday, January 8, 2009

tw + ac - Becoming a Bride and Groom

After months and months of overthinking my wedding day ensemble, it was finally time to put it on! All of those moments trudging through slush to try on dresses after work, the hours spent on etsy looking for rock star jewelery that wouldn't break the bank, the sneaking out to shoe web sites at any free moment to look for the perfect shoes - it was all coming to fruition.

My shoes were from J. Crew, my necklace and earrings from Chicago artist Toki via p.45, and my purse was made at 1154 Lill during my spring outing with my bridesmaids and friend VP. I have to say that I don't think that I made the right choices with my accessories. I think that they were beautiful, but boring. In trying to create a timeless look that didn't scream, "She got married in 2008!" in 20 years, I played it too safe. You can't even see my necklace on my pale skin.

My mom helped me get dressed.

I didn't think that I had a "bride" moment, but judging from these next photos, I must have - the photographer didn't even tell me to pose in the first one. What a cheeseball.

I think that my dress was too big on me and not tailored correctly in the back. It was supposed to be form fitting and tailored, but I think that the back looks sloppy. And I don't know how I could have lost weight because between wedding projects and a September work deadline, I hadn't gone to the gym in ages prior to the wedding - as you call tell from my flabby man arms.

I loved my hair color and highlights. My hairstylist busted his butt on my hair a few days before the wedding. He spent a good two and a half hours making me "brilliant red." Totally dig it. I wish that my hair looked like this every day!

Meanwhile, Andy was getting dressed down in his parents' room. I don't have many pictures to post of his prep time because a) the photographers took 38 pix of him (compared to the 128 of me) and b) I think that his mom would kill me for publishing a picture of her in a bath robe with no makeup!

This first pix is one of my favorite detail shots of the day. I love his Bears hat - at least this one. The other one is not quite as photogenic -- or hygenic, for that matter.

(That's our Day of Coordinator, Katie Kozlowski, helping Andy with his bout and pocket square.)

Andy enjoying his "bride" moment. Ha, Ha.

Now it was time for us to see each other! Andy headed up to my hotel suite. How was it 3:45 p.m. already?

All professional images from Sarah Alair Photography.


Maria said...

Love your look! I hope I look as well put together as you.

devon lorraine ... said...

your shoes are fab and your hair, to die for!

anneliana said...

I love your blog and you look fantastic!

Tara said...

You look so gorgeous! Your hair turned out beautiful. And in a few years - you will not look back and say "what was I thinking!" - your look is very timeless.

I can commiserate about the gown altering - for me they only took in the sides and not the front princess seams so there is a pouf in the front that drives me crazy in the pictures... hopefully at some point we forget about these things. You truly look stunning so don't let that bother you.