Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Final Product: Out-of-Town Bags

After six months of talking about the OOT bags, I ended up printing out the welcome packets on the morning of the rehearsal dinner. Not even kidding. I spent a total of maybe 20 minutes laying out the pages for printing. There was no map of the surrounding area, no Chicago fun facts, no list of things to do - just the bare essentials. And I thank God that I didn't waste time on that stuff because I don't think that anyone actually looked at them. Not to mention that the hotel didn't hand a couple of them out. (No comment on that.)

The welcome packets were printed on circle cards from Paper Source and attached to the bag with binder rings.

 Image: Sarah Alair

Each room in our block received one of my beloved Chicago tote bags:

 Image: Sarah Alair

filled with a travel candle, bottled water, snacks, and a "Taste of Chicago" goodie bag containing:
  • Fannie May Candy
  • Ferrara Pan Candy: Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, and Fireballs
  • Frango Mints
  • Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops
  • Wrigley Gum
There would have been Jays potato chips too, but they're impossible to find since Frito Lay monopolized the market. Trust me. I've looked. They sell out fast. If any 60613 brides want to know what day the Jays delivery man hits the local convenience stores, drop me a line. I know the schedule. Ha. Ha.

 Image: Sarah Alair

The candles were fancy Akeewakee travel candles that I picked up at a sample sale. They retail for $11, but I paid $1!

I was so disappointed in my matchboxes. I had ordered plain white matches in September, but they were lost at the post office and didn't arrive until LAST WEEK (as in 11/25)! I was on a mad hunt for matches the week of the wedding and found some at Osco on Wednesday. By then, I was TOTALLY out of time, but just couldn't let myself give out ugly matches. I made these match covers using scrap paper that I found around the house. I was cutting pieces and running them through the xyron in between hitting print on the welcome packet pieces. I think my DIY Fury frightened Andy at this point; however, given that it was about an hour before I had to leave for the Ladies that Lunch Luncheon, he knew to stay out of the way and not ask questions.


Newport Nuptials said...

These came out so adorable!

Darci said...

The bags are fabulous! And I never would have known that you printed the inserts at the last minute, they look great.

The Everyday Bride said...

OMG, OMG, omg - I'm so jealous! Yours turned out sooooooo amazing!!! Mine, not so much. J.e.a.l.o.u.s.

Globetrottingbride said...

Wow, these came out amazing! Your guests will love them.

Linda said...

I love the matchbooks. I would have never known that it was a rush job!

jessica lynn said...

your OOT bags are the sh*t, are are/were all your other DIY projects. and i dont think i ever commented about this, but I love the post-wedding header on your blog...its adorable!

nolita fairytale said...

So gorgeous... I would have loved to get one of those! How did you print on those circle cards?

Melissa said...

These are amazing!

chicagowedsite.com said...

Tina- I need to know where you got those ADORABLE and perfect totes? Thanks!