Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sh-wv-izzle Sh-ticksh

Update: Emily got her drink stirrers here. $9.00 for 500 sticks. Thanks, Em!


Hey, Chicago Girls and/or Savvy Online Shoppers:

Does anyone know where I can get some plastic drink stirrers? Because I like to copy people, I want to make some drink flags. Does anyone know where I can find some plastic or wooden swizzel sticks? Googling "drink stirrers" and "swizzle sticks" only returns listings for bulk commercial items and decorative glass sticks. (Honestly, do people outside of places like Daytona Beach even use glass pineapple swizzle sticks?) And the local stores only have cheesy rainbow-colored, sword-shaped ones. 

For some reason, the phrase "swizzle sticks" reminds me of the "The Van Drummounds" episode of Diff'rent Strokes. It was the one where the Drummonds' Dutch relatives visit and Mr. D was in drag and Kimberley played her male cousin. Kimberley kept saying "SH-WVizzle Sh-ticksh." Don't ask me why I remember that given that I was in nine when the episode aired.


Chitown Bride said...

I thought of you when I was at z gallerie today. They had these and they were on sale.

Loopy said...!
(i know I'm a little late... but just happen to be doing the same thing right now and thought I'd share!)