Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Blogorrhea Has Dehydrated My Creativity

I am too lazy to come up with a clever blog post, but I am going to blog anyway to annoy my sister when she does her monthly "Catch Up on Tina's Blog." (Ha, Ha, Bay-e!)

This is a completely selfish post in that I am only posting this colorful photo of the storefront attached to our wedding venue so that I can steal peeks at it when I'm away from my home computer. Isn't it adorable? We're so lucky!

Image: Personal Collection

When we were sitting around the campfire last week, Andy was telling his family how we found and selected A New Leaf. I think that someone's suffering from a case of the Revisionist History! :)

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Riley (aka Rachel) said...

What a pretty picture!! You are lucky!!