Friday, August 29, 2008

Andy's Family Shower

Andy's mom sent me a some pix from the family shower that Aunt Ruth hosted for me at Sur La Table last week. I don't want to post family photos without permission, so I don't have any action shots. Here are a few detail shots.

I am a little ashamed of the thank you cards that I designed for the event. I recreated the design from my etsy apron. It's so cutesy that I almost made myself sick. But it's all in good fun. I hope that if people realized it, they thought that it was funny and not too "Stepford Wife."


As with the other showers, I gave Aunt Ruth personalized stationery as a "thank you" gift for hosting my shower.

I also gave Andy's mom some note cards as as "thank you" for everything that she and Andy's dad are doing for us this year. You may recognize the design from the gocco disaster last month. I Photoshopped her name out of the images of the gocco machine that I posted on my blog so that I wouldn't spill the beans before the shower.

All images from the author/author's family's personal collections.

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Jenna said...

I really like the color combo on the first set of cards.