Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

I didn't go to the gym tonight because it took forever to catch my bus home. And when I finally did catch a bus, it got caught in the tail-end of Cubs traffic. I have to tell you -- when you're raised a White Sox fan and aren't 23-years-old and out on the prowl for drunk frat boys, living near Wrigley Field loses it's mystique very, very quickly. And it's not like you can actually drive or easily catch a cab to high-tail it to another 'hood within two hours of a game. You're trapped.

OMG! How did I miss Stevie Wonder on the DNC? I am so bummed! I am a MAD FREAK when it comes to Stevie Wonder.

Photo: Personal Collection

Speaking of the DNC, how are these Everday Joes and Josephines speaking right now so calm? How impressive.

I ran errands on the way home tonight and knocked out some very significant shopping -- namely dresses for my bachelorette party and the rehearsal dinner! I also bought a dress for my final shower. I like it, but I would like to have the money more. Does anyone know if it's a faux pas to repeat shower outfits? I really, really love my green dress, but, hopefully, I will be too skinny for it next year. I'd hate to wear it once. Does Emily Post have any rules against repeating outfits when you're the guest of honor? The only people who would be seeing it twice are the moms, Aunt Ruth, and my bridesmaids -- and they won't care. What do you think? Is that Tack Master B? I hope that I don't sound superficial for asking this question. What do you think, blog-lovelies?


(bride.) said...

I think it's ***totally***, completely, utterly not tacky, especially if you love the dress and feel great in it (and you look phenomenal in it!!!). You could do your hair differently and wear different shoes/jewelry to make it feel different to you. I think if your relatives are anything like mine (and mine are Chicago/Milwaukee), they'll be mad impressed that you're recycling.

On another note, I also have no idea how I missed Stevie. I taped it, though... and I'm sure it's on YT already (which is probably where you got that screen shot).

(bride.) said...

oh SH*T it's from a concert!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I'd wear it again! Maybe wear some different accessories or something. But in the end, you're right - you'll love the money more!

By the way, I've been really out of touch this week!! Looks like you had a great couple of showers, and I like the make-up trial. It probably is a little more than you usually wear, but you look really pretty in the photos. Plus, with your dress on, your hair did, and all your bling, it'll look good!!! ;-)

By the way, I love that paisley dress... and when I clicked on the link, it's out of stock. Damn.

Anonymous said...

i wore the same dress for a girls shower in Chicago and then the next weekend in Michigan for a "couples" shower. I wore different jewelry based on who I was going to see (a bracelet from his grandma... earrings from my grandma). Our moms and my sister were the only ones who saw me wear it twice... totally worth it. And I loved wearing it twice.

Take the new dress back, keep the cash for other wedding stuff, and stick with the dress you love!!