Friday, August 15, 2008

1 Set Down, 2 to Go

The thank you cards for my first bridal shower will be in the mail this morning. THANK GOD! Just in time to start preparing the invitations (Booooooooooooo!) to be mailed on Monday. I am so the Post Office's b*tch for the next two weeks. The next time the attendants at the PO in my office building are rude to me, I am going to glare at them, tell them that my name is "Job Security," and show them the receipts for the $3,000 that I've spent on postage this year between wedding-related mailings and etsy and eBay purchases.

Anyway, I love the way the TYs came out. I think that they are my favorite wedding project yet. I made my own envelopes! I'll post photos next week, but here's a sneak peek:

I couldn't resist on the stamps! (Even if it was more postage.) I can just hear my mother saying "Tina, you're 33. You need to act like it." To which I would respond by rolling my eyes at her and asking her to make me chipped beef or green beans with white sauce.

My bridal shower with Andy's family is Sunday. It's the one that's a cooking class at Sur La Table. I am actually getting embarrassed when I tell people what my showers are. Someone's spoiled...

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natalie said...

I really need to see those envelopes. I believe they are in some kind of animal print??? Awesome.