Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't Be Upset that My Future In-Laws are Cooler Than Yours

I received another shower invitation over the weekend! Andy's aunt is hosting a cooking class/bridal shower for me at Sur La Table. Isn't that the most wonderful idea? I think it's his family's way of telling me that I better learn to cook for their boy! (Ha. Ha.) He does all of the cooking. He keeps saying that the All-Clad on the registry is "his" wedding gift. Gee, let me fight you on that one. Really.

Aren't the shower invitations cute? Also, they give me an excuse to go buy some new closed-toe shoes. (Wink, Wink) We'll be learning to cook Italian food. I can't wait to eat some non-Jenny Craig pasta.

Since I have to wear close toed shoes, I think that I'll exercise with a fabulous new apron. (Seriously, what are the chances of this apron being offered on etsy right now?)

Image: etsy seller Victoria White & Co.


Jessica Ralph said...

Thanks for the post on my blog! And I'm so happy that you scored wonderful in-laws. Makes married life easier!

laura said...

My future in-laws are great, but I wish they were as creative as yours.

I've always wanted to take a class at cook-au-vin on Elston

also I love your blog, Chi- town brides represent.
I added it to my blog roll.

(bride.) said...

Whoa, that apron rocks!!! And that sounds like the most fun shower ever. I love it.