Monday, July 28, 2008

Virtual Registry

I need a break from wedding stuff and am procrastinating on cleaning the condomaximum by doing some computer maintenance. I finally uninstalled the piece of sh*t memory hog that is McAfee. Good riddens! Has anyone else experienced problems accessing Blogspot pages today? I can view them in Reader, but the connection times out when I try to access actual sites. I was able to view them at work without problem.

I am taking advantage of the scan time to do some mindless online browsing. I think that I should get one of these!

And one of these:


The Everyday Bride said...

a) you NEED to get one or both of those little vessels! I can't believe something matches your wedding dot design so perfectly! b) it's weird that you mention that because in the last 3 weeks, i have been kicked off of my blogspot page when i'm posting...and attempt to upload the accompanying photo(s). i can't figure out why... i've been blaming our crappy rcn cable internet...

Kate said...

Are you sure those vessels were not inspired by your wedding!? They are too perfect! Love the poster too. :)