Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grazi Again, Bella!

The image for the thank you cards is finished! I can't help but laugh every time that I look at it. Andy's such a good sport. A very tall, very good, sport.

It looks pretty close to the Designer Original, doesn't it?

I love the long card in the above image, but I am out of money so I have to gocco the TY cards. Depending on how well the size 10 cards lay in the gocco machine, I may have to go with boring 4-bar or A2 cards.

I highly recommend etsy seller, OneGirlTwoDogs. In true etsy fashion, she is so nice. She works blazin' fast and is very patient.

I hope that people realize that the TY notes are a joke and don't think that I'm an a-hole who wants her portrait everywhere!

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