Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Ridiculous Shoes

I walked by this Christian Louboutins in Nordstrom the other night. Wouldn't they be perfect for my dress if they weren't nine feet tall and didn't cost $865?


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I would be 6'2" in those shoes!!
They are really cool though, very pretty. And would complement your dress well.
But $865???? Eeeks.

devon lorraine ... said...

tina, perfect timing with posting your dress; made it so easy for me to find it! really LOVE the back!

Sarah said...

They are perfect for your dress.

I plan on throwing down some serious cash on my shoes. I'll never wear the dress again but I can wear the shoes again and again.

Anonymous said...

the feather CL's are on sale!:

Guilty Secret said...

Almost too perfect... I love your dress by the way ;)