Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project 4-1-1

I'm off to the Northwoods for an unexpected mini-cation. All that I have to say is that St. Germaine, Wisconsin better be the most beautiful place in the universe to justify sitting in a car for 12 hours roundtrip for a two day break. Then this weekend is the Gyspy Kings concert at Ravinia! The GK concert is seriously one of my favorite events of the summer! I'm sorry that this is such a wordy post. You can ignore it and not hurt my feelings. :)

Image: IMBD

I was re-reading my posts from last week. I was pretty stressed, huh? Here's an update on everything. And I promise to be more sunshine and roses and happy thoughts from this point forward:


  • Good News: The gocco's been fixed! An employee at the Paper Source Warehouse (insert a rapid heartbeat here) suggested using paint thinner. Well, with some paint thinner and lots of elbow grease, it worked! All of the carbon is removed from the plexiglass staging area! I made some very lovely note cards on Saturday night.
  • Good News II: The huge gocco project that I've been talking about the last few weeks is finished! Yes!

  • Bad News: My index finger is still bruised from the cleaning process. Whenever I move it, I can feel it in my elbow.

  • Good News: None
  • Bad News: Well, the printer did NOT reprint the invitations. They removed the crop marks, but the design is still off-center. I don't have the balz to request a reprint or any sort of compensation, so I am letting it die. I am going to address them and package them so that I don't have to look at them anymore. I take full responsibility for them, as I am the one without nads.
Address Labels
  • Good News: So, remember back in May, when I posted about how much I hate cutting things? Well, I coughed up $20 and outsourced the label cutting to someone on etsy who had a "professional cutter" and could do them in minutes. Sweet.

  • Bad News: They look like shit. I am not going to mince words. You can see the black border outline on some of them and the cuts aren't even on all of them. They're even DIAGONAL  on some. I could have done that myself and saved $20. And, of course, the ones going to boys who don't care turned out great. I spent a few hours on Saturday trying to correct as many as I could, but as I was cutting my brother's label, I realized that he probably won't even open his invitation and I lost my steam. Most of the messed up ones are going to people who won't look that hard, so I am giving it up. It's not like I'm inviting Mindy Weiss or Martha Stewart. And, honestly, *I* am the only person that I know who would look at that and make fun of the person sending it for doing a shitty cutting job. Seriously, I really would do that. My family yells at me all of the time for being a bitch.

  • Bad News: Turns out that our A7 response postcard is full-size mail. I bought 41 cent stamps for them. Damn. Anyone need 120 41 cent stamps?
  • Good News: I definitely won't be using the beareded clam postcards stamps on my RSVPs!

Have a good week everyone!


rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

We just did this to our Gocco 20 minutes ago. :( We got the carbon off, but the plastic is melted. Did yours melt too?

Kelly said...

that sucks about the invitations...but you are right, no one will notice but you.

Ms. 122 said...

have fun in wisconsin! sorry about the invitations, and the labels, and the stamps. don't worry about it though, you're right that you're the only one who will notice.

Linda said...

Oh, man. That sucks. I'm sorry nothing turned out right. Hopefully after your little break things will look better! Have a great vaca!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

Hey - don't worry about always being super positive, all sunshine and roses.... truth is, it makes me giggle a little when you vent on here. Not at you, but at the fact that I'm not the only one getting stressed out and pissed off at little stuff!!

It looks like everything is coming along! Sorry about the crappy cutting job - I would have been pissed too. And I'm glad you're just sending out the invites and letting go... I'm sure you'll feel so much better afterwards!

Have a great week and weekend!!!

laura said...

yay Gypsy Kings...

Kayla said...

About how long did it take you to get the carbon off with the paint thinner? I've been rubbing for like 10 minutes with only very little progress