Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Unbride's Save the Dates

I can't believe that the blogosphere hasn't made a bigger deal about The Unbride's t-shirt save the dates. As always, she's the coolest.

Images: The Unbride

Speaking of cool brides, this afternoon I attended the wedding ceremony of the new Mrs. Dan, Tara from In This Instance. First of all, she looked BEAUTIFUL. Gorgeous. I had never met her before and she's definitely a hot chick. Her and Dan were both beaming during the ceremony. And she did a fantastic job at the venue. Her tabletops were gorgeous. I can't believe that she made those tablecloths herself! It was so fun seeing all of the blog posts and e-mails coming to fruition.

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Riley said...

Those ARE pretty cool!! And who doesn't like a free T-shirt??