Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ceremony Officiant

Andy and I met with our ceremony officiant last week. He's a retired chaplain who does weddings for fun. He is an incredibly kind man who seems like he will do a nice job with the ceremony. If anyone's looking for an affordable officiant in the Chicago area, here's his contact information:

Chaplain Tom Brandsness

You can tell him that Tina and Andy sent you if he asks. He'll probably ask and I didn't tell him about my nerdy blog.


Lady T said...


I wanted to stop by and let you know that i did get your email and that i am NOT ignoring you not did i forget!

i wanted to round up some pics that better defined what i was thinking...then life happened...and i haven't finished my email.....but i'm going to respond...soon!


Lady T said...

i realized that i left this comment in error, lol! you probably are wondering what was in my cereal!

sorry! this is what happens when you read tons and tons of weddingblogs.