Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Am Broke.

Here's why:
$100 on eBay:
($124 savings; I'll hopefully wear these for the engagement photos. I may bag the Francesca skirt and wear these to my family shower in September.)

Image: J. Crew

New Bridal Shower Outfit from Banana
Sale Alert: Banana has half off of sale shoes!

I bought this dress in green. I love it. Andy said that it makes me look hot and, more importantly, skinny!

And I bought these earrings to wear with:

I can't find the shoes that I bought online and I'm too lazy to photograph them. They are HUGE white wedges. If I wear them while standing on the rug in the kitchen, I am almost eye level with Andy in them. They were only $25!

New Wedding/Shower Dress
((20% off coupon) I am hoping that I dress it up with heels for a wedding we're attending on 8/10 and dress it down with flats for my Sur La Table shower. They didn't have the green in chubby sizes. :( )

 Image: J. Crew


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh i love everything!

Blablover5 said...

The Banana Republic dress looks really comfortable.

Veronica said...

I can't think of a better reason to be broke ;-)

Maria said...

LOVELY! So jealous...can't wait for this time next summer where I have a great excuse to go shopping!

Chitown Bride said...

Ok...I am drooling over those shoes!

Jennifer said...

yum. I have been coveting those shoes for a while now. Lucky duck!

Riley said...

I love the shoes!! I'm so glad you found them - and what a deal!!

I will have to RUSH to Banana to get that dress. It is very very cute, and I'm all for anything that will make me look skinny! ;-)

Thanks for the update on the sales.