Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Would This Be Too Much for My Bridal Shower?

Ha, Ha.

Image: J. Crew

I am trying my damndest to score these for a good price on ebay for the engagement pictures.

Image: J. Crew


Jamie said...

it would be absolutely perfect!

i absolutely love and was drooling over this dress when i saw it in jcrew 2 weeks back but didn't realise they had matching heels {drools even more}.

sigh ... i so wish i lived in america so i splurge on it {goes and pout in a my little corner}

Kelly said...

both are so perfect for you! I say get those shoes no matter what the price.

Riley said...

I love the dress!! I don't think it'd be too much at all. ;-)

And the shoes are to die for.

Kate said...

Uhm, please tell me that you hired JCrew to make those for you!? Because they are PERFECT!