Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Gocco News

I went to the River North Paper Source tonight and bought their entire stock of 4-bar soft white and eco white fold-over notecards. I did a trial run of about 20 cards and they look great! There are still a few splatters, but Andy said that they're only noticable because I am looking for them. (Of course he says that!) The girl at Paper Source said that it is most likely the grainy texture of the Luxe paper that was causing the splatter and smeared letters on my last batch. I wish that I could show you the before and after shots, but I can't yet...

Soup Nazi Image: Wikipedia

I still wish that I could figure out how to clean my screens for future use. Speaking of which, I thought that I read somewhere that you can only get 50-100 prints from one screen. Does anyone know if that's true? I probably should cough up the cash for English instructions. My Japanese is awful. Ha, Ha.


Maria said...

i can (try) to read the instructions for you! i got pretty good at figuring out instructions in japanese, both in japan and now at my (sh***y) job at muji lol.

Anonymous said...

The 50-100 prints per screen is referencing the amounts of prints before you generally have to re-ink the screen.

No tips for cleaning though- I tried, but it is messy. One thing I read somewhere though if you plan on trying to clean it, cover the cardboard edging with clear packing tape before you use it, otherwise when you wash it it gets all warped and wet-cardboardy.

Tiffany said...

You can clean the paint off the screens using gocco cleaner. Goop or vegetable cleaner also works. It just takes a few extra paper towels, but it well worth the effort, especially if you will reuse the screens in the future.

You can also save inked screens in the refrigerator or freezer if you are going to be reusing the same ink color.

Hope this helps!

Parisian at Heart said...

Tina -

I have a gocco - and it came w/english instructions. If you email me - I will scan them and email them to you.

And seersucker is right about the re-inking number. The screens themselves last for a long time.

Email me at bettis at gmail

Have a good 4th.