Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work Bridal Shower

My coworkers surprised me with a bridal shower at the lounge in the Holiday Inn last Thursday. The lounge, which is located upstairs from our office, has beautiful views of the city. My friends decorated it in a cute pink and brown dot theme:

Everyone greeted me wearing buttons with a photo of Andy and I from last Christmas. Unfortunately, it has to be one of the most unflattering photos that I've taken in the last four years. It could be a "Before" picture in a diet pill advertisement. Andy looks cute, but is drunk as a skunk! (So, yes, that means that my boss was walking around with a drunk photo of my fiance pinned to her chest.)

My coworkers made me a wish tree with quotes about love and marriage -- some sweet, some funny. (This could be the second worst picture I've taken in the past four years. When my coworker handed me my camera, he said, "I tried to get some good ones, but I don't know...")

We also had a "Tina Level 2 Assessment" (We design training classes. A Level 2 assessment is a test at the of a course.) Andy popped in at the end of the party and got all of the answers right!

Since everyone at work knows that I've been DIYing most of my paper products, I guilted myself into making my own thank you cards. I took a gocco break and printed them in full color. Three in and I remembered why I love gocco -- NO CUTTING! :)

And, in my attempt to try something new with each project (and save money on pretty stuff), I used some decorative paper to line glassine envelopes. I made a full envelope for one of the hostesses.

I made one of my friends at work who was a co-hostess a set of stationery. She liked it so much that she asked me to make some for her sisters for Christmas. I didn't have time for a photo shoot of the final product. Here's the jist:

All images are the author's personal collection.


Bob O said...

As a co-worker of Tina I have to say she is a very special person. Her creativity and attention to detail is a wonderful gift. The eneergy she has put into planning her wedding is admirable, stressful and fun to hear about! We all had fun planning the shower, and by God, we had to have dots. It was a great afternoon for a special friend; we all had a fun time. Bob

Kate said...

Aw. Your co-workers must really love ya! That was an awesome shower! How fun to have Andy stop by at the end. :)

Ex-Bride said...

Either they love you or they don't REALLY know you.

Tara said...

How sweet! What nice co-workers to be so thoughtful!