Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Giant Gocco Project that I've Been All Drama Queen About For The Past Month

Saturday's bridal shower was a complete and total hit! I was surrounded by so much love, friendship, generosity, and many beautiful details. It was absolutely humbling. I'll blog more about it over the next few days, but here's a sneak peek of the evening:

Andy's mom and aunt and my friend Blythe are missing from the group shot.
We were having so much fun that we forgot to take a group photo until after we were packing up and people had already started leaving.

So, you know the giant gocco project that I've been p*ssing and moaning about for the past month? Well, I've been designing thank you cards for my three showers and personalized stationery for the hostesses of my "book club" shower. Each hostess received a set of note cards and a pen.

I'll spare you the details of who got what color pen and paper, but here's a close up the designs:

Even though I overthought these like I do everything, I think that I did a solid job of capturing each girl's persona. Judging from this photo, I think that they'd agree...ha, ha.

All Images: Personal Archives

I'm waiting for some ink to print my thank you cards for this shower. I'll post them next week. I am so excited about the design. I am taking a break from my color palette and going with some hot red and black!


Kate said...

Oh I think they turned out AWESOME!

The Everyday Bride said...

I've been meaning to ask you how this all turned out! AMAZING!

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

They look great!
Good job!

natalie said...

Those turned out perfectly! I am sure they were very happy :)