Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty Cake

So girly. So cute.

Image: Here

The Sugar Syndicate has updated their online portfolio. I know that I am partial, but I love these new additions. I wish that I could see the weddings that inspired them!

I really like this one:

 Images: Here


Laura said...

Love it! We just had our tasting with Cathay at Sugar Syndicate and it was amazing! I'm so glad she'll be doing our cake, her attention to detail is phenomenol :)

Britteny said...

hey, found you over at enna's while i was eating some kosher porkchops.

cute blog!

Sara said...

I am so amazed at what people can do with sugar and flour - it's so impressive! I think I would feel guilty cutting into one of these beauties!

Sara Gray

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the first cake. Its so fun!