Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Dress. Two Looks.

I stumbled upon this Real Wedding in Knot Chicago magazine back in February 2008 and immediately  began the scavenger hunt for The Dress. I still remember flipping through the magazine as I walked back to my office from the bookstore, seeing it, and screeching. I recently re-stumbled upon the wedding and noticed how differently the other bride and I interpreted the dress. I always love seeing how different people accessorize the same piece. It's my favorite part of spreads like "Who Wore It Best?" in Us Magazine. Check out our side-by-sides.

We both went for real flowers in our hair, but she wore her hair upswept and romantic, while I went with a faux beehive.

Images: The Knot and Sarah Alair

She wore traditional white shoes and I went all Solid Gold Dancer.

Images: The Knot and Sarah Alair

She wore a long veil with traditional pearls. I wore a birdcage veil with moonstone jewelry.

She went with beautiful traditional white and green flowers. I went with bright autumnal flowers.

Images: The Knot and Sarah Alair

Oh, and she had a better tailor than me.

That shoddy tailor job will chap my hide until the day I die. It looks like a completely different dress in the back. I should have coughed up the cash and brought my dress back into the city to be tailored. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for.

Has anyone else seen photos of other brides wearing the same dress that they did?


Julia said...

that's a cool comparison you've done! I like how you both interpreted the dress, and I really like your birdcage veil!
I'm sorry about the tailoring though, so annoying to have that one thing not how you really wanted it. I bet noone else even noticed though! (though I know full well that that probably doesn't help!!)

Abby said...

Can I ask where you got it tailored so I know where to avoid? (I'm also from Chicago and was considering a suburban tailor to save some $$$)

Katie said...

my friend adrienne wore your dress! don't know if this will work...but here is a link to the photo:

Teresa said...

I saw someone purchase and wear my dress on "Say yes to the dress." Very exciting!

Laura said...

Fabulous, I love the comparison! You did such a great job with the details.

And oooh...I looove your hair! I hope mine ends up looking even half as fabulous.

N. said...

My dress was on the cover of a local wedding magazine a few months before my wedding.
My husband even saw it and flipped through the magazine, as I sat there screaming inside "that's my dress!"

sara said...

These reminded me of your dress!