Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Jenny Packham-Inspired Wedding

I fall in love with this Jenny Packham dress every time I spot it in a magazine. I just adore Jenny Packham's asthethic and vibe. I think that if I would have had a smaller butt and a bigger dress budget, I definitely would have tried to get one of her beautiful gowns.

I would love to host or attend an event inspired by this fabulous gown. If it were my day, I'd host it at the Chicago Illuminating Company. And I'd step out of my bright-color comfort-zone and compliment it with this fab cake from Chicago baker Amy Beck.


Julia said...

I could never pull it off (I hear ya with the smaller butt/bigger budget) but that's a really interesting dress - such a statement.

Ten Thousand Only said...

i want it.

Manuela said...

First sorry for my English. I am Italian, I tried to find the Charlize dress here in Italy but the Jenny Peckham seller in Milan told me that the Charlize dress was not made for the normal market, and that it was sewn only for the catwalk of NY and the 2010 campaign.
As far you are concerned, is this true? Perhaps somebody knows how much it is and if I can buy it from here....
Thanks to all.