Monday, March 16, 2009

Tea Cups

Don't ask me why, but I totally have a thing for tea cups. It started when my mom and I started antiquing about 10 years ago.

I registered for Kate Spade Gwinnett Lane China simply for the tea cups and bowls (my other odd obession). I am already planning an afternoon tea and ice cream social for my girlfriends just so that I can use these pieces. (We haven't even looked at bigger condos yet and I already have four parties mentally planned.)

Image: Macy's

I'm currently loving these delicate lovelies from Anthropologie.


Cheap Wife said...

ohhhhh pretty tea cups!

Maria said...

Omg, that is making me want to register for gwinnet lane teacups, on top of all the other kate spade crap I registered for (Sag Harbor - polka dots and stripes in navy, oh my!)...I registered for the serving bowl and platter in chocolate to go with my regular white china...maybe I should switch to the creme or turquoise - decisions, decisions!

My sister got me the "Blackberry Tea Set" from Tiffany as a wedding/shower gift; I registered for the matching teacups/dessert plates and serving plate to go with (is being matchy a bad thing?)...can't wait to use it! I have Sunday morning brunches in mind with homemade madeleine cookies.

I have a teacup from Anthro as well (it's yellow with gold painted polka dots and a little bluebird), right now it's on my desk as a paperclip holder.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love all things Kate Spade.