Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bestill My Beating Heart

This dress.

Image: Vera Wang

This dress.
This dress.
This dress.

This dress is the dress-equivalent of the green Christian Louboutin shoes that made me pout last spring. This dress makes me fantasize that I am so wealthy that I think nothing of purchasing a dress that is, at the Vera Wang Luxe minimum, more than 10 percent of the median income average for the United States. And then it makes me silently pout about the reality that I am not wealthy. (But only for a  minute, I swear. I am very grounded.)

This Brooklyn Bride post is the first time that I've ever seen the dress on a real person. I actually gasped out loud* when I saw it. I think that I've looked at these photos at least a dozen times today. This bride is stunning.

My 30-year-old self would have rocked this dress. But that was then and this is now. I would have starved myself and hired a personal trainer for that dress. Andy would have hated that flower. But I would have LOVED that flower. And my friends would have laughed and said, "Only you, LT." And I would have shrugged my flowered shoulder at them and ran my layers of silk organdy through my fingers flirtingly. Or maybe I would have had the flower removed and had an organdy overlay made so it wouldn't be strapless. (You know, since I'd be so wealthy.)

*I've only gasped once before. Over pretty.pretty.paper's ensemble.


Julia said...

that's exquisite!

we_do said...

This dress IS amazing! I would die to wear such a dress

wed in the white city said...

it is pretty - but i was more entertained by your descriptive post about it ..specifically this line "And I would have shrugged my flowered shoulder at them and ran my layers of silk organdy through my fingers flirtingly." hahah, too funny.

Globetrottingbride said...

That dress is absolutely stunning!!! A girl can always dream : )

DCKate said...

goooorgeous. looks like michelle obama's dress from inauguration night!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This is a such a beautiful dress that I think very few people could pull off well. I am happy with my much more simple dress.