Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Venue

Venue shopping was not quite as much fun as I had expected. We originally found a perfect art nouveau building with a superb restaurant located right next door – which nipped any catering problems in the bud. Great, right? Well, not really.

During our first appointment with the venue contacts, they told us that all of our requests would be possible, including hosting the ceremony on location. During our had our second meeting to discuss the details, they informed us that transforming the spot would be too much work. Instead, they offered us the ugliest room that I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding. It had white panels with muddy blue stripes all over them. I actually cried when I saw the room that they were suggesting. But then the anger took over and I told the venue contact that this room was not worthy of my time. So, we had to let go the beautiful venue and head back to the drawing board.

The search for a new venue was nerve racking! The more venues we toured, the more appealing an intimate wedding somewhere on a beach surrounded only by our closest family seemed. I even thought about eloping (especially after seeing this elopement.)

In the end, we found the perfect place —at least for us. We want to have a modern, chic wedding and our new venue fits the bill perfectly. We will exchange our vows "over" a river in a conservatory overlooking the water. Cocktails will be served outside (cross your fingers for good weather). While we’re outside enjoying the cocktail hour, the conservatory will be changed into the dining area. And for the party, there is enough space for a dance floor and a lounge area. There is even a super cool bar! The front of the bar is gold and the back wall has purple lights – thus our gold, purple and light rose color palette.

Photos by us


Kash said...

Wow, that is an amazing venue! Where is your wedding? I also was frustrated with some venue choices but ultimately prevailed.

tina said...

Oh, Severine! It's going to be so beautiful. The space looks so classically European to my American eyes. Can I come? :)

we_do said...

Tina, it would be so much fun to have you there! ;)

Kash, it's in Switzerland, near Zurich...

Keg Design said...

i love the venue - beautiful!! :)