Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Favorite Reusable Shopping Bags

This is how lame working too much has made me. I've actually have enough alone time to ponder and deem certain reusable shopping bags as my "favorites." BUT, I do think that these are good gifts, so humor me and file this under "Bridal Party Gifts," "Party Game Prizes," and/or "Stocking Stuffers" so that I can feel like this is a worthwhile blog post.

I've given Environsax as gifts several times and finally bought myself one this spring. While they are cute, the straps are too short and they always come unfolded in my purse, which is a total nuisance. Sorry friends and Mom and Sis who I've given this to.

I am very, very loyal to my Reisenthel bags. They're lined and sturdy beyond belief. The only cons are that I keep losing the carrying case and they take up a lot of room in my purse. Still, LOVE. People often stop me on the street to ask about this bag (which is kind of odd when you think about it). When I'm organized enough to have it with me, it's definitely my pick for heavy duty shopping days. And the ladies at Paper Source always say, "Oh, you have your bag" when I pull it out.

The Container Store has finally brought Flip and Tumble bags to Chicago and I love 'em! They're so tiny that I almost always have one in my purse. I just picked up a second one last week. They're so soft and launder perfectly, which is good, as I may or may not have stuffed my jacket into one to make a pseudo-pillow to nap on during an all-nighter in the office and drooled on it.

Check out these super cute Flip-and-Tumble ECObag Kits that include three totes and a set of produce bags. What a great gift for the ECO-Bandwagoner in your life.

Maybe I should get a life and carry it around in my reusable bags, huh?

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