Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Etsy Comes Quietly

Is posting etsy finds too 2008? If so, my blog is totally weak. Ain't no denying it.

I'm looking for cheap-but-nice art for the bedroom of our love nest, so I searched for "love letterpress*" on the good 'ole Big E and stumbled upon these pretty poem prints from larkpress.

{Images: Here}

*Are you going to make fun of me for admitting that I etsied** "love letterpress?"
**"Etsied" is the new "googled." I'm calling it.


Abbie said...

If that's 2008, then I'm living in the past. Love the letterpress!

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Look at ArtShark, Made By Girl and Oh Brooke. I have Oh Brooke's and Art Shark's as a part of a collage in my room. You can get all three links on the sidebar of my blog- 2 under blogs and then one under links.

Terese said...

So I've spent this evening Yelping (like Etsying!) florists/event design companies to try to narrow down my LONG list to a manageable # I can actually contact. Currently debating whether to go w/ a full event co. or a florist and then rent additional lounge furniture. Not 5 minutes after I think, "I should ask Tina where she got their furniture," I see your Yelp review for Event Creative! Thanks! :)

Rebecca said...

love poem letterpress--these are so sweet!