Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Is Better Than One When You Already Have A One

Since I'm ghetto-fab and furnish my home with hand-me-downs from relatives and Craig's List finds, I'm currently in the position of having A nightstand and AN end table. Maniacally searching Craig's List and eBay every morning, lunch hour, and evening has gotten me bupkis, so I've been trying to find a set of lamps or complimentary lamps that are available in both floor and table versions. Check out these affordable options that I found at Z Gallerie.

The Thin Man Combo: $168.

The Twig Lamp Combo: $178.99

The Mariposa Combo: $378 - OK, not that cheap, but cute!

{Images: ZGallerie}

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the un-bride said...

Which one did you go with?! Fellow CL/reluctant retail shoppers NEED to know!