Friday, November 13, 2009

Grateful Boxes from Paper Source

I just adore this idea for "grateful boxes" from the Paper Source blog. Each guest at the dinner table is greeted with a personalized box of notes listing something that another dinner guest likes about them.

Just imagine if you used the same box year-after-year. You'd have a lifetime of memories showing changing penmanship and new additions as people marry and new babes are born. I don't think that anyone in my immediate family would go for this, but if I ever have mine own family, I think that it would be a beautiful tradition to start. Maybe I should make give it a try anyway...I just might receive "I am thankful for: Tina starting a new tradition" card.


the un-bride said...

Wow -- that is just so cool. One of my over-riding themes of bridal-dom is "be grateful", and I just love seeing other people on the same track.

It almost makes up for those horrid bride-themed tv shows out there.

Abbie said...

I love this idea. I think it would be a great tradition for a new family!