Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Nice Wedding Present for Winos...

...or a "no-reason-at-all" gift to one of your favorite wedding bloggers who makes you giggle on occasion.

Artiste is an adorable winery/tasting room in Santa Ynez, California (in the Santa Barbara wine region located about an hour and a half north of the city). All of their wines feature labels containing prints of impressionist art by modern artists.

Andy and I visited Artiste last week with some friends and we all really enjoyed the wine. I bought two bottles and we're thinking about joining their wine club after we move.


I thought that a bottle of “First Dance” would make a sweet wedding present. At $80, this Pinot Noir-Syrah blend would be a great standalone gift or a very cool compliment to your run-of-the-mill off-the-registry wine glasses.

Artiste also sells postcards, prints, and full-size originals of the original artwork; however, at prices from $20 - $3,000, they probably don’t fit into the Wedding Season Budget of your average 20- and 30-something. It may have been the vino, but I found myself entranced with many of their works. (Though, I will admit that I tend to flip-flop on impressionism.)

 All images from the author's personal collection.

P.S. I've been debating adding a "Wine" category to my blog. What do you think? Andy and I have found some good (and bad) stuff in our hunt for good wines that won't break the bank. Is anyone interested in the opinions of our inexperienced palettes?

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Linda said...

Neat idea!
I would love to hear about the wines you try. I love wine but know almost nothing about choosing one!