Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honeymoon in Napa Valley - Part 3: Restaurants

I won't bore everyone with restaurant reviews, but thought that I'd list the restaurants that we went to (and loved, of course) in case anyone is unfamiliar with the area and is looking for a starting point. I must have been exhausted because I didn't take any photos of restaurants!

  • Auberge de Soleil: Definitely one of the most expensive lunches in the world, but the food AND the views are worth it. I inquired about having our wedding here after we were engaged. Someday we’ll stay there.
This is the view from our table on a previous trip.

  • Bistro Jeanty: Adorable and delicious. I tend not to use adjectives like “romantic,” but I would say this restaurant definitely could be. Totally wine country chic.

  • Bouchon: Definitely one of the best restaurants at which I’ve eaten in my whole life. It’s owned by Thomas Keller of French Laundry fame. I think that the French Onion soup choked Andy up. I don’t mention Bouchon often because it brings a look of pained longing to Andy’s face.

  • Mustards Grill: The food’s pretty fresh and good for a pricey lunch. We go just for the Hazlenut Tart. I bought the cookbook for that one recipe.

  • Oakville Grocery: Andy and I popped in here for breads, cheeses, and sausages a few times. We agree that our picnic lunch gathered here was one of our favorite meals from the trip. I love it here.

  • Rutherford Grill: I know that Bandera is in Chicago, but I think that Rutherford Grill is adorable and totally Wine Country. That, and I never pass an opportunity to eat Prime Rib French Dips.

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