Thursday, June 4, 2009


I’m sure that you all know the lovely Jessica Lynn from tying the knot. One fine day, I read a post on her blog in she wondered aloud about her handwriting and the possibility of opening a calligraphy business. Let me tell you, her handwriting is BEAUTIFUL! So, I jumped right in and asked her if she would address the labels for our wedding invitations, despite that they are in German. To my big surprise, she said, “Yes!”

I sent her my labels and after only one week, she sent me a little glimpse of what was coming my way. I am thrilled! They look AMAZING! She did a fantastic job and the process was so smooth. I cannot say enough good things about Penned and Pretty. If you still need someone who addresses your invitations, I highly recommend Jessica’s handiwork.

Photos by me


jessica lynn said...

thanks so much, severine! i cannot wait to do your place cards! :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

this is great stuff!!