Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, Rain, Stay Away...

...because lots of Chicago girls are getting married today! It looks like they'll be lucky too.

Lots of Blog Love to all of the Chicago Girls getting married this weekend:

Kelly from Keg Design

 Images: Keg Design

Katie The Indecisive Bride
- who won't be a Chicago girl for much longer :(

 How fun! Congratulations and have a blast!

 There are still a few more local girls for us to follow and drool over:
I hope that I didn't miss anyone. I think that I've convinced another A New Leaf bride to post here soon. Her Save-the-Dates are the coolest.


Keg Design said...

Thanks so much Tina! I'm crossing my fingers for good weather too....regardless, I'm so excited for the "big" day!!!

Cheers, Kelly

The Introitus said...

My Date is June 12, 2010! We are having our reception at a wine bar in the city ;)

ChiBrideToBe said...

I'm with you on hoping for great weather for tomorrow's gals! The forecast now is calling for a perfect summer day.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

I promise I'll post soon! I was planning on doing it today, but my scanner broke...I'm also finishing my invitations so maybe I'll do a "paper post"...stay dry

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

yay for good weather!!

Mel said...

Thanks Tina! It was great! Somehow it was the first non-rainy, full sunshine day. And it was so HOT taking photos. Congrats to everyone! More to come when I return from the honeymoon!

Michele said...

Congrats to all the recent brides!

I'm a (very quickly) upcoming Chicago bride who would love to help others obsess by giving advice to a horribly procrastinating, 70-hour-a-week-working, planning and pulling it off by myself hoping girl!

August 22, 2009... and I have: venue, photographer, dress, DJ and hopefully invites.

I need: florist, alterations, hair/makeup, rehearsal dinner, Bridesmaid necklaces, programs, something for tables (no assigned seating though), OOT Bags - and 97 things I haven't thought of yet?

Terese said...

tina - thanks for the shout-out and the reaffirmation of our venue choice! and i would never use you as a free DOC. i'd pay in champagne, of course :) what's your glass/hr rate?

Katie said...

I'm catching up on all my blogs from being gone for three weeks, and just saw this. You are tooo sweet!

I had perfect weather on my wedding stormy looking skies, with only about an hour of rain, after all the pictures were finished!

Check out my blog for a couple teasers!

Katie said...

oopsie...logged into the wrong google account. that last comment was me....the Indecisive Bride!