Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've Had Too Much Prosecco Before Writing This Post

I've been noticing a lot of "tips from pros" lately mention serving prosecco in lieu of champagne to cut costs. Well, my uncultured self did not know what prosecco was. I always thought, "I'm so sure that guests won't know the difference between 'limoncello' and 'champagne.'" Tonight, I attended the OneWed DIY Wedding Make-Up event at Blue Mercury. Jennifer and the OneWed team organized an awesome evening complete with makeovers and beauty tips. It was a great, comprehensive event that covered everything from skincare to fragrance. But the key learning for me was prosecco! I thought that I was sipping champagne until I noticed the prosecco bottle sitting on the table. It was dry and delicious - just like champ! So, brides to be, save some change on the booze and reallocate the cash to hot new accessories that will glisten in the uplighting when it comes time to raise your glass of prosecco in toast to a fab evening.

Many thanks to Tara for inviting me to the event. I had a fun evening catching up with her and our Everyday Friend, Colleen. I hadn't seen those girls in months!


jennapier said...

Thanks for coming last Tina! It was so great to see you. :)

Jen N @ OneWed.com

Colleen @ Everyday Bride said...

yay for too much prosecco. i expect to see many more in this series - perhaps with a few more hiccups and a bit more sass?! :) loved seeing you and tara!!! again some time soon?

Thao said...

I agree! We plan on serving prosecco for a more affordable and summery take on bubbles. (Love your blog!)