Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beach Wedding #3: Dinner Menus

My final wedding-weekend project for my sister-in-law's wedding was the dinner menu. Each place setting at the awesome tulip, seashell, and hydrangea-covered table designed by her mother-in-law was marked with a personalized menu.

The guest's name was written on a sand dollar ( in gold marker pen. (If, like me, you're a wannabe artist, I recommend paying a pro to write on sand dollars if you have the means. I went through three paint pens and no two shells looked the same.)

The shell was then mounted onto a petal card from and tied with twine to bring a bit more sea to the design and to tie it into the schedules and OOT bags. I used foam squares to mount the shells and they worked great. The menus were shipped from Florida to Chicago in one piece and then carried back in my suitcase without error.

When the guests removed the twine, they could open the petal card to expose the delicious menu. Andy suggested using the brown background, so he insists that he designed this project!

All images from the author's personal collection.

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I have one last post containing the thank you cards, but I have to wait until all of the guests have received them. But that's it! As stressful as it was designing for someone else, I loved this challenge. It was nice to design for a different aesthetic than my own. I received many nice compliments from my sister-in-law and her husband, as well as their guests, so I think that the project was a success!

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