Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gocco Graduation Gift

My buddy at work recently graduated with her EMBA. She reads my blog and has always complimented my gocco projects, so I used this as an opportunity to make her some personalized cards. Since gocco costs have soared, I invited my entire team to contribute and was able to give her a complete stationery set.

I asked her to pick two Paper Source colors and not ask any questions. She selected bluebell and opal stardream. I added the blossom pink because PS doesn’t sell pens in bluebell and because I found one blossom mailer box laying in the store and convinced them to sell it to me. I mixed the ivory ink from white and gold ink in an attempt to mimic the stardream. My embosser is in storage, but I think that these would have been AWESOME embossed.

When I pulled these color descriptions from the Paper Source Colorscope to write this post, they gave me a chuckle. Bluebell is right on for Karon. I always tease her about relaxing at work and just happen to pick "blossom" for her. (KD, wouldn't you agree?) As you may recall, when Paper Source first published their colorscope, I found out that there was a science to my wedding colors.

I think that this will be my last gocco project until I have my own laser printer. The copiers that I have access to at the local Kinko’s just don’t print evenly, so there are always holes/gaps/spaces in my prints. It took me 40 prints to get 20 good cards for this project. This happened to me on every project and it put me at my Gocco Wit's End every time.

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ChiBrideToBe said...

What a GREAT gift for the lucky gal. I've always been Gocco-curious. And funny about Bluebell. It's our invite envelope colors!