Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{Where Have I Been?} Texas!

I was in Texas twice last month. Here are some pix from my last visit.

I stand by my declaration that the sky just feels BIGGER in Texas.

This stick-um was a polite attempt by the cab driver, but no dice, sir. This cab smelled like curry cigarettes..curry cigarettes that baked in 107 degree heat, that is.

Trashy reading at a Texas nail spa.

The recession has driven the price of Texas Toast from 35 cents to 36 cents. Perhaps their OUP sales aren't going well?

Irving, Texas isn't my favorite place in the world. But Ft. Worth is so cute!

This man was very drunk on free beer from tourists, so he offered me a free shot to "make my Billy jealous." My Billy was more concerned about me showering after touching him than jealous.

I am the only person who found it funny that Texans would honor a Gay cowboy named "Neal."


Tara said...

RE the sky - it is the out of the city & wide open spaces thing... for me the sky feels bigger in Iowa and I never/realized noticed that until after living in Chicago.

Fun pics & looks like you won over the bugs? :)

Tara said...

ugh- typos. that was supposed to be:
never realized/noticed